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As people are living longer and longer, retirees today are faced with a plethora of concerns and questions. Will my retirement assets and income be enough to support me forever? What will happen to my assets and my family if I am faced with a Long Term Care Scenario? How can I leave a legacy to my loved ones, while still achieving my other goals? How will another downturn in the market affect my retirement income and how can I protect my funds?

Most retirees have done some planning, but for some reason or another they have neglected several components that will impact their ability to meet their goals. At Harding Financial and Insurance we help our clients prioritize their goals and objectives. We create customized strategies to make certain they are prepared to address the issues that retired Americans are facing today. Through our detailed process, we explore, define, create, and monitor client plans so they can focus on what retirement is all about, enjoying their life and loved ones!


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